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In2020, the combination of commercial experience for many years of Navigator Polska's and the needs of the developing Polish market Spirit Depot is created as the storehouse of alcohols from around the world in best aromas and flavors that are less common in their texture. With the course navigating towards undiscovered horizons to bring the aromas, flavors, connections, and traditions of products satisfying the natural path of curiosity to get to know each consumer. To experience Everything besides the usual.

 expectbelow expectbelow

    blended, blended malt, single malt, grain, single grain, bourbon, etc.

  • GIN

    white and colorful flavors

  • RUM

    Spanish, French, English style and from around the world


    a wealth of flavors and aromas of alcohols


What is Spirit Depot

Alcohol is much more than an intoxicating drug. For millennia, it shaped our culture, influenced minds, religions, and art development. The very etymology of the word alcohol directs us towards beliefs and traditions that in their simplicity defined alcohol as a spirit. The Spirit which opens the door to reality, our tongues, and our minds. Following Jan Himilsbach alcohol brings a fairy-tale element to reality. Balance to reality from the words of Linn Ullmanm "The thing is to be three drinks before drunkenness and two drinks after reality." The way how alcohol is created has also a lot of mysticism in it. Not knowing what the process of evaporation is, our ancestors recognized the missing part of the alcoholic drink as a tribute to the angels (Angel’s share). It was an exchange for the opportunity of creating aqua vitae or water of life.

What's in storehouse



It is a blend of finest grain and malt whiskies inspired by the ingenuity, determination and pioneering spirit of the Fraser Clan. This is an exquisite whisky reflecting the Spirit of the Borders and invoking a sense of warmth and belonging in the hearts of all those who enjoy it.

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100% gin made in Scotland – juniper berries and botanicals gently steamed in the vapour of our own barley spirit.

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Made in Scotland. Mixes effortlessly, wherever it finds itself. Single Malt whiskies from across Scotland, brought together and blended by the Borders Distillery.

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Unfiltered malted barley vodka, named after the special still which plays a key role in its production.

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Éiregold Irish Whiskey

This special reserve Irish whiskey has been slowly matured in 200l exbourbon, first fill, flame charred, white oak casks from Kentucky in the USA.

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Hyde Whiskey

We age several different Single Malt,Single Grain, and Blended Irish Whiskey expressions, all of which feature unique maturation journeys and finishes.

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The Duppy Share

Perfectly balanced Caribbean rums. A fiery 3-year aged Jamaican rum combined with a smooth 5-year aged Barbadian rum..

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A blend of dark aged rums from Guyana & Trinidad with a mysterious infusion of natural spices.

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Looking for spirits to our storehouse, we were looking for places which are authentic, genuine and honest with their products - without any compromises.


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“When I buy ties I have to ask if gin will make them run.”

- Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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